Chronic Total Occlusion

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  • A complex coronary intervention workshop was held on 1.10.2018 to 2.10.2018 in Hindu Mission Hospital, Tambaram.
  • Prof Fumitaka Hosaka, Senior Faculty from the center for cardiovascular disease, Okamura memorial hospital, Japan performed angioplasty for Chronic Total Occlusion (long standing complete obstruction > 3 months) for blood vessels supplying the heart which are technically challenging, requiring multiple specialized wires ,micro catheters and shared his expertise with the in house cardiologists.
  • He also proctored the team in the utilization of the newly acquired intra vascular ultrasound imaging system which leads to improved patient and procedural outcomes.
  • The Department of Cardiology Hindu Mission Hospital has been performing complex PCI services as an alternative to open heart surgery in high risk patients and has started imaging and physiology guided stenting which improves long term patient outcomes.
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