Free Services

Weekly Free Rural Health Checkup – Narayana Seva (NS)

Started in 2000, this scheme runs every Sunday with 6- 7 consultants visiting villages and holding free health camps and dispensing free medication. Patients requiring further management including eye surgeries are brought to Hindu Mission Hospital to provide free follow up medical and surgical management. This activity has been continuing without break since its inception.

Daily Free Rural Mobile Clinic – Baktha Jana Seva (BJS)

  • Started in 1995,  a medical team consisting of a medical officer, a staff nurse with sufficient common medicines go in an ambulance, stationed at vantage point, covering cluster of villages on a daily basis to treat the poor.
  • The service is rendered to villages in and around tambaram. Patients who require further management are referred to Hindu Mission Hospital where they are treated free.
  • Hospital’s rural service focused on taking medical facilities to the doorstep of the villagers.
  • The approach of the programme was to visit the villages, screen the villagers, detect, treat and refer to base hospital at tambaram for free follow up wherever necessary.
  • The treatment, dedication of the medical team, quality of medicines dispensed etc. has made the scheme a success in the rural area.
  • This activity has been continuing without break since its inception.

Weekly Free Urban eye Camp – Kannappar Free Eye Camp (KEC)

  • Cataract is the most common cause of blindness.
  • In a bid to alleviate this entirely preventable problem, Hindu Mission Hospital has been conducting free eye screening camps with free eye surgery for the needy.
  • Every Wednesday, the hospital’s doctors visit the nearby villages to screen for cataracts. Patients detected with cataracts are brought to the hospital for follow up surgery conducted between Thursday to Saturday.
  • Seeing the popularity of this scheme, patients from far off places like Ranipet are brought to the hospital in a bus for free eye surgery.
  • This activity has been continuing without break since its inception.

Annual Free Medical Checkup – School Medical Checkup (SMC)

  • Annual Free Medical Checkup for the school children. Hospital screens school children in their school and offer free consultation and medicines.
  • This screening camp is conducted every year between June and September.  Students are screened by a doctor in their school campus and those requiring further treatment are referred to base hospital, where free treatment is offered.
  • Started in 1987 this service is aimed at diagnosing and treating school children to foster a healthy start to their academic future.
  • As part of the service, children diagnosed with ailments are treated free of cost at Hindu Mission Hospital. Schools are also provided with free first aid box.

Provision of Free Artificial Aids – Artificial Limb Center (ALC)

  • This service has been ongoing from 1997. The Artificial Limb Center is managed by two Orthopaedic Surgeons, assisted by a Prosthetist and the Physiotherapy department. The artificial limb clinic is held on every Saturday .
  • The unique feature of this center is that hospital does not merely supply artificial limbs or calipers but does surgical correction where needed and offer active physiotherapy support to enable the patients to carry out their daily work.
  • We are happy that a great awareness has since been created and poor people are coming from various villages for free artificial limbs and calipers.
  • Hindu Mission Hospital offers all of the above treatment totally free including corrective surgeries, consultation, bed charges, investigation, food, artificial aid, physiotherapy and in many cases medicines were given free too.

Subsidized Haemodialysis facility – Kidney Care Endowment

  • Started in 1999 the Renal Unit of Hindu Mission Hospital provides daily haemodialysis with 10 functioning dialysis machines. The service is offered at a nominal rate of Rs. 200/- per sitting.
  • Our Dialysis wing is well equipped with centralized monitoring, oxygen and fully air-conditioned with a Reverse Osmosis plant.
  • Also the Intensive Care Unit is situated next door for quick input if needs be.
  • The need for dialysis in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease is an enormous burden on our society. The hospital finds an ever-increasing demand for new machines to expand our services and looks forward to support with new dialysis machines to continue and expand the good work for the needy.
  • This activity has been continuing without break since its inception.

Food to poor In-patients – Annalakshmi (AL)

Started in 1997 the hospital provides nutritious and a balanced diet to poor In-patients and their caretakers, four times a day during their stay in hospital. This scheme was started after noticing poor nourishment in patients who had associated co-morbidness during admission. This service has helped speedy recovery from their illness. This activity has been continuing without break since its inception.

Free Surgery to poor patients  – Arogya  Seva Nidhi (ASN)

Poor and needy patients, who require surgeries are operated free of cost under this scheme. This scheme was initially started to offer free Intra-Ocular Lens (IOL) towards cataract eye surgeries with the help of donations received from our well wishers in the year 1988. Now after 25 years of continuous support from our donors towards this cause, we have a corpus fund. The interest from the fund is utilized for free surgeries for the needy poor patient. This activity has been continuing without break since its inception.

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