School Medical Check Up

Annual Free Medical Checkup - School Medical Checkup

Annual Free Medical Checkup for the school children. Hospital screens school children in their school and offer free consultation and medicines. This screening camp is conducted every year between June and September.  Students are screened by a doctor in their school campus and those requiring further treatment are referred to base hospital, where free treatment is offered.

Started in 1987 this service is aimed at diagnosing and treating school children to foster a healthy start to their academic future. As part of the service, children diagnosed with ailments are treated free of cost at Hindu Mission Hospital. Schools are also provided with free first aid box. 

Lack of knowledge on health and principles of hygiene among students is the main contributing factor for all problems. Hence it is mandatory to include health education in the curriculum and particularly teachers should also be educated as their knowledge also on health, hygiene and nutrition. 

Hospital has created this awareness in the 271 school in and around Tambaram by its continuous service for 25 years. This screening scheme was conducted for the period from 1987 – 2012. Now the schools approach the hospital for their medical need.




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