quality policy

Hindu Mission Hospital provides the highest quality healthcare to patients through relentless pursuit of perfection at work by highly experienced professionals. We are committed to continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system. We aim to provide quality services by applying evidence based medicine and clinical protocols. We understand and exceed the needs of the community on a regular basis and act rapidly to improve the well being of the community with a holistic approach which is patient centered.

Quality Objectives

  • To upgrade technology as per International quality standards
  • To extend services to the community in rural areas by conducting camps and daily visits
  • To maintain close relationship with patients, leading to a clear understanding of requirements and a timely response to fulfill those needs
  • To provide quality human resources in accordance with the requirements
  • To provide an environment that motivates and provides high levels of job satisfaction
  • To respect and treat patients, employees and suppliers in cordial manner
  • Train the manpower in relevant disciplines
  • Continuous Quality Improvement



Hindu Mission Hospital is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers, a constituent body under the Quality Council of India overseeing the quality parameters of the healthcare sector. The accreditation is proof of the world class standards at Hindu Mission Hospital, ensuring delivery of advanced patient-care.

Accreditation instills a greater level of confidence amongst each of the stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem – primarily the patient community. Certification by NABH not only recognizes the existing levels of standards but also provides a commitment to the continuation of the same standards. The hospital have received the NABH accreditation in the year September 2018 making it India’s few Charitable trust Hospital to achieve this honour and serving the poor with an affordable cost.




Hindu Mission Hospital was assessed & accredited in accordance with the Standard ISO 15189:2012 “Medical Laboratories – particular requirements for Quality & Competence” for its facilities in the field of Medical Testing. This accreditation is the formal recognition, authorization and registration of a laboratory that has demonstrated its capability, competence and credibility to carry out the tasks it is claiming to be able to do.

ISO 9001:2018

Hindu Mission Hospital is one of the charitable trust Hospital in India to be awarded an ISO 9001:2018 certification. Through Certification to the ISO 9001 standard, we are able to enhance our organization’s credibility by showing our care and services that meet client’s expectations.

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