Emergency Medicine

The emergency department plays a pivotal role in Hindu Mission Hospital rendering a gamut of services for patients coming with medical and surgical emergencies. The department is staffed with highly skilled, ACLS trained Doctors & paramedics who efficiently handle all the emergencies. Our fleet of 6 ambulances operate 24/7 by reaching out to the site of emergency and our emergency paramedics are proficient in stabilizing and transferring the patient to our hospital. The department is equipped with 3 crash cots and 2 holding area beds, together with all necessary equipment for emergency resuscitation including an Automated External Defibrillator. There are designated triage and resuscitation areas and private examination enclosures.

Trauma / Road traffic accident

Head & Spinal Injuries

Fracture & Other Orthopedic Injuries



Chest Pain & Heart Attack

Snake bite


Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Mass Casualty

Other Medical & Surgical emergencies

All Medico Legal Cases are Under taken.

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