The Nephrology department focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and effective management of diseases affecting the kidneys.

Nephrological problems
treated in the Department

This is a commonly occurring condition wherein certain substances in the blood solidify and develop into hard masses called stones.

Often, they do not cause any major problems and may come out of the body through urination.

But sometimes, these can cause severe pain and require intervention by a nephrologist.

Larger stones may have to be removed through a medical procedure.

The most common causes for deterioration of kidney function are diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension).

When lifestyle problems such as high blood sugar levels and hypertension are not managed effectively, they can cause irreparable damage to the kidneys, eventually leading to decreased renal function.

In the long term, the organ may stop functioning and the patient will need to be on dialysis or require a kidney transplant.

At HMH’s nephrology unit, timely diagnosis and expert management of kidney disease ensures that the patient has an improved quality of life.

Cancer that arises in one or both kidneys is called renal cancer. There are different types of kidney cancers and often they can go undetected until the symptoms become more pronounced.

Symptoms include blood in urine, fatigue, weight loss and back pain.

Early detection of the disease and timely intervention ensures that the cancer does not spread to other organs in the body.

Nephrology doctor

Signs that indicate you should see a Nephrologist

Tiredness and difficulty sleeping

Itchy skin

Puffiness in the face

Frequent urination

Swelling in the hands and feet


A full-fledged haemodialysis unit

Complex renal Surgeries

A full-fledged organ transplant unit

Comprehensive Renal Care

Dialysis at a subsidised cost.


The Nephrology department focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and effective management of diseases affecting the kidneys.

Our kidneys perform very important functions such as removing toxins from the body, maintaining normal pH and salt levels and regulating blood pressure.

That is why good renal health is significant to overall health and fitness.

The nephrology clinic at HMH offers a range of services for patients with diverse kidney problems.

It houses outpatient and inpatient centres that are well-equipped to diagnose and treat both acute and chronic renal disorders.

With highly-qualified nephrologists and the most advanced care regime, this unit has been successful in early detection and effective management of a variety of renal diseases.


Meet Our Consultant's

Dr. Mathew Gerry George

MBBS, DM - Nephro


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