Plastic Surgery

We conduct highly-specialised reconstructive surgeries for congenital anomalies in neonates, repair surgery for trauma patients and reconstructive surgery for cancer patients.




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Reconstrutive Surgery

Plastic surgeons are skilful in performing a wide variety corrective/reconstructive surgery for malformations that are present at birth. There are innumerable such conditions that benefit from plastic surgery, which restores not just physical appearance but also normal function. Some common ones include cleft lip and palate, webbed hands and feet, cleft hand, deformed ears, maxillofacial dysplasia, craniosynostosis, extra fingers or toes and many more. Reconstructive surgery done for these conditions allows a child (or an adult) to improve their quality of life and get back normal appearance and function of affected parts of their body.

Vascular malformations are growths or marks on the body that are caused due to abnormalities that may occur in the blood vessels.

They not only cause difficulty in normal function but also create cosmetic issues.

While vascular surgeons correct the problem through surgical treatment, plastic surgeons will do cosmetic surgery to enhance the physical appearance of the affected part.

Patients, who are brought into the hospital for accident trauma, often undergo emergency treatment including surgery for their wounds in different parts of the body.

They may also require reconstructive surgery to improve the physical appearance of the parts of the body that have been afflicted and to restore function to those body parts, so that patients can get back to normal day-to-day life.

One of the specialised sections of plastic surgery is hand surgery, done for certain conditions that adversely affect the normal hand movements including carpel tunnel syndrome, ganglion cysts, rheumatoid arthritis and trauma to the hand and wrists.

When symptoms like chronic pain, reduced flexibility, tingling sensation, weakness in the joints and so on cause hand impairment, doctors may suggest surgery.

Hand surgery may also be done to remove abnormal growth or extra fingers.

Referred to more commonly as ‘tummy tuck’ surgery, this is a cosmetic procedure done primarily to address an abdominal area that is loose and hanging because of excess fat concentrated there.

With advancing age, the skin and muscles lose their elasticity and begin to sag.

With the tummy tuck procedure, excess fat and tissue are removed to give the abdomen a smooth and well-toned appearance.

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Cosmetic Surgeries

Also called a rhytidectomy, a face lift is a cosmetic procedure, to give a better contour to the face and make it look younger.

In this surgery, the loose folds of skin around the chin, cheek and jaw line that increase due to aging are tightened for a young look.

 A neck lift is a similar procedure, which removes excess sagging skin and fat deposits around the neck area to improve aesthetic appearance.

procedures may be done on their own or in conjunction with other cosmetic or cosmetology procedures such as Botox injections or fillers that given an overall look of youthfulness.

Augmentation mammoplasty or breast augmentation seeks to increase the size of a woman’s breast — it may be done for women who are desirous of increasing their breast size or those who may suffer from any condition and want to restore their breast size.

The surgery involves using artificial implants under the breast tissue for a fuller look. Some women, who have large breasts, may find them physically uncomfortable or wish to have their breasts size decreased and made proportionate to their whole body.

In breast reduction surgery, the plastic surgeon will perform a procedure to remove excess tissue and fat from the breasts and reshape them to make them smaller.

This is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to treat baldness in certain areas of the scalp that may occur due to aging or because of certain medical conditions that make the hair fall out.

In transplantation surgery, a small part of scalp (that has more hair growth) is intricately removed and grafted in the affected part of the scalp that has thin hair or a bald patch.

Different types of techniques may be used by the cosmetic surgeon to replace the hair on the scalp depending on the needs of the patient.

This is a surgery performed to change the shape and proportions of the nose with an aim to bring symmetry to the face.

Often, this procedure is done for aesthetic reasons, but sometimes rhinoplasty may be indicated for medical conditions such as a deviated septum or if the shape of the nose is obstructing the airways and causing breathing difficulties.

This is a procedure to change and improve the shape and proportions of the ear.

Many people may have misshapen ears because of a birth defect or ears that are not in symmetry/look different from each other.

Otoplasty may be done to make the ears look aesthetically appealing and symmetrical.

Doctors may also perform this procedure on patients who have a tear or damage in the ear due to injury.

This is a specialised procedure to treat patients with droopy eyelids.

In this surgery, the doctor will make one or more incisions on the eyelid to remove excess skin and muscle to repair and tighten the droopy eyelids.

This is a similar procedure, in which the surgeon removes excess fat from a particular area in the body with a special suction technique.

This procedure can be used on the hip, buttocks, thigh, chin and cheek to create contours that look slimming and proportionate.

This type of cosmetic surgery is done to correct a condition called ‘gynecomastia’ in men.

This condition is characterised by excess fat in the chest area that makes the breasts look enlarged.

It can be a result of obesity or hormonal problems and lead to emotional distress and self- esteem issues in young males.

Breast correction surgery is done to reduce the size of the breast by removing excess fat and tissue and making the breasts more proportionately sized.

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Signs that indicate you
should see a cardiologist

Difficulty In Breathing

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Signs that indicate you
should see a cardiologist

Difficulty In Breathing

Irregular Heartbeat

Heaviness/Discomfort In The Shoulder Pain

Plastic Surgery

The General Surgery Department is equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure, supported by an experienced team of surgeons.

The department specialises in performing all major surgeries involving abdomen, skin, breast, soft tissues, and hernia.

Plastic surgery plays a significant role in helping people gain confidence, be self-assured and have improved mental health, apart from the physical benefits.

At Hindu Mission Hospital, the team of highly qualified plastic surgeons specialising in reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgeons and cosmetologists are striving to help people look and feel better every day.

We conduct highly-specialised reconstructive surgeries for congenital anomalies in neonates, repair surgery for trauma patients and reconstructive surgery for cancer patients.

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