Hindu Mission Nursing College

Hindu Mission Hospital School of Nursing and Hindu Mission Hospital College of Nursing strive to impart the best of nursing education with adapting the latest of teaching techniques involving theory, clinical practice, current advances and empathy whilst dealing with patients. To create an atmosphere for overall development of the nursing student so that he/she may imbibe the finest of qualities of patient care from professional development to development as a health care professional. The institution aims to produce a complete candidate capable of providing high quality medical care to the patient and society.

Courses Offered

B.Sc Nursing : 4 years Degree Programme

General Nursing and Midwifery(GNM) : 3 years Diploma Programme


The college boasts of good infrastructure with spacious and well ventilated classrooms, well equipped laboratories, an extensive medical library and part of a tertiary care super specialty hospital. The institution also has hostel facilities with round the clock security and attached canteen.

  • Fundamentals of nursing laboratary
  • Community health nursing laboratary and field practice
  • Nutrition lab, anatomy and physiology laboratary
  • MCH laboratary


Hindu Mission School and College of Nursing has a highly experienced and dedicated teaching staff with a keen desire to creating the nursing leaders of the future. The training by the teaching staff is well codified and rigorous with organised practical classes, weekly tests, monthly model tests and regular mock exams to assess and evaluate the progress of students. A panel of external teachers including a host of doctors teaches at the lecture halls and also participate in ward teachings.

Clinical facilities

The students from the Nursing School and College are with its parent institute – The Hindu Mission Hospital, a 220 bed multi specialty tertiary care institution with a busy outpatient centre. The hospital has over 25 departments with advanced medical care delivered to patients. The range of care at the hospital includes cardiothoracic surgery, a state of the art cardiothoracic lab, full fledged 16 bed ICU, Neonatal ICU, Neurosurgical unit, Spine surgery uni , casualty, acute medical care unit to name but a few. This allows the students to be exposed to the latest of care from various specialities so that a complete education is imparted to students of Hindu Mission School of Nursing and Hindu Mission College of Nursing.

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