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An institution with a mission to strive for Clinical Excellence whilst serving the needy.

About Hindu Mission Hospital

Hindu Mission Hospital was started on 5th Dec 1982 as a not for profit hospital at Chennai – Tambaram

Over the past few decades the hospital has developed into a 250 bed Multi-Specialty Tertiary Care Centre with a state of the art Heart Institute, 9 operation theatres, highly skilled doctors and well trained nurses. The hospital performs life saving critical surgeries in all the specialties.

The Hospital is also a training centre for Doctors and Nursing staff. Hindu Mission Hospital runs a nursing school and nursing college and is a centre for post graduate fellowship program for Doctors.

Hindu Mission Hospital is also a Research Institute involved in trials and clinical research. 

The rapid growth of the hospital has been mirrored by its ability to add on new equipment, departments and staff every year. This has led to an ever increasing demand from the patients for newer and better facilities that the hospital strives to achieve. 

With continuous focus on service to the community, the Hospital’s reach out has spread to more than 110 villages around Tambaram, through daily medical camps based on three different projects,

Daily Camp (Bhaktha Jana Seva), where a General Physician treats the patients in the camps directly.

Weekly Camp (Narayana Seva) where 6 disciplinary Doctors meet patients with different ailments and treat them.

Weekly Eye Camp (Kannappanar Camp) to identify cataract patients in the villages and treat them.

Screened patients who require further medication, procedures or surgeries are referred to the base hospital. All these, along with food are provided free to the under privileged patients at the hospital. The patients are reviewed after surgeries are dropped back to their villages by the hospital.


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Phone : (044) 222 622 44

New Facility

  • Fundus photo analyzer
  • 24 x 7 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Paediatrics Dental Care
  • Exclusive Modular Theatre for Neurology and Orthopedic Surgery
  • Radiology department upgraded with new CT-Scan and Mammogram



In News

February 2014

Balloon mitral valvotomy was performed by Dr Rakesh Gopal Consultant Interventional Cardiologist on 19/02/14 at our Hospital on a young lady with a tight mitral stenosis and severe Pulmonary HT and NYHA Class IV symptoms.

The patient had grossly elevated LA mean pressure. The 32 year old lady tolerated the procedure very well. Well split medial and lateral commissures during procedure. No mitral regurgitation post procedure. LA mean pressure dropped to 10 mm Hg from 30 mm Hg. PA pressure came down to 40 mm Hg from 108 mm Hg. Patient is well now and has no functional limitations.

October 2013

A 70 Years old patient with a deformed knee bent about 45 degrees inwards  had one such complex knee surgeries. He had a bone defect measuring about 2 to 3 cm in the tibial bone. This had to be corrected using his own bone. Then, Knee replacement surgery was done by Dr. R.M.Sivasubramaniam successfully and the patient is now walking well.

June 2014

On Wednesday 4th June 2014, State Bank of India donated a van to Hindu Mission Hospital to help hospital's daily rural outreach programme. The ambulance which costs 10.57 lakhs will be used to travel to far-flung rural pockets around the extended suburbs of Chennai.

July 2014

A 15 year old girl presented to our ENT department with complaints of swelling in the right side of the neck for one month. She also had fever and pain for 10 years.  On examination, a para-pharyngeal mass was noted, which was non-tender, firm to touch, with no warmth. The mass had pushed the uvula to the opposite side. Mucosa was intact and not congested. MRI of the neck was taken, which showed a mass in the right para-pharyngeal space encompassing the carotid and jugular vessels. An image-guided FNAC was done which showed a small round cell tumour. Immuno-histochemistry was done and a diagnosis of Burkitt’s Lymphoma was made. The patient is currently undergoing chemotherapy.


Angioplasty for completely occluded artery is a real challenge, especially when it is at the very beginning of a coronary artery. We do such angioplasties. This is such a case, where Left anterior descending artery, blocked from ostium was revascularized and successfully stented with a medicated stent.


Diabetes Institute Inauguration on 06-11-2014

CT Scan Inauguration on 02-09-2014

Chronic Total Occlusion of LAD.


Chronic total occlusion of LAD. Bypass not feasible due to poor target vessel. Failed Angioplasty earlier.

Successful angioplasty with special wire, microcath.




Bentall procedure was performed on a 35years old male with a dilated aortic root(main blood vessel carrying blood to all parts of the body).

This condition if left untreated could result in acute dissection of aorta or rupture of aorta, which could have life threatening consequences. Hindu Mission Hospital has performed this surgery on the patient under C.M. Scheme. The aortic root with aortic valve was replaced using a synthetic graft with prosthetic valve. Due to the combined efforts of the team headed by Dr.  A.S.Hariharan, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, patient had a smooth post operative period and was discharged on 6th post operative day.


Bentall Procedure Image

Patent ductus Arteriosus

December 2015........

3 Year old girl with large Patent ductus Arteriosus (abnormal connection between Aorta and Pulmonary Artery) underwent successful non surgical closure of defect with PDA device at Hindu Mission Hospital.











Saving leg from amputation - Angioplasty for arteries of legs.Done by our Senior Consultant Dr. Rakesh Gopal.

 Patient with long standing diabetes, critical limb ischaemia and foot ulceration. Risk of amputation, averted by angioplasty for total occlusion of anterior tibial artery and peroneal artery. Many amputations can be avoided in diabetics with timely intervention. One situation where angioplasty is best used.

Hindu Mission Hospital celebrates 35 Years


Hindu Mission Hospital is a not for profit hospital established to delivery high quality medicare to the community.

Being located on the National highway, the hospital has easy access by road from the entire district.  In a bid to take medical care to the doorstep the hospital has been running successful rural outreach programmes in various disciplines for the last 30 years.  

Our Projects: 

Arogya Seva Nidhi

School Medical Check Up

Bhaktha Jana Seva Artificial Limb Centre
Kidney Care Narayana Seva Kannappar Free Eye Camp Annalakshmi

Patient Stories

A couple met with a road traffic accident on the busy G.S.T road. At the accident both the husband and wife were injured. The husband had Liver laceration which was dealt with conservatively. The wife had multiple fractures and was losing blood internally. After due consent the Orthopedic team in conjunction with the Surgical team operated on the patient for 8 hours. The patient needed multiple surgeries over the next month and has now been discharged with ongoing rehabilitation and Physiotherapy input.

Sri Dk. Srinivasan Secretary Medical Director


Started as a primary health clinic in 1982, it is today a 220 bed institution having 25 disciplines. The latest addition in 2009 being an exclusive cardiology block with a state of the art cathlab, cardio thoracic operation theatre and supporting facilities.

The hospital has been conducting cathlab procedures and cardio thoracic surgeries.


For the Past 12 years we are visiting the hospital for treatment. We like the way the staffs politeness and hospitality to the patients who walks in.
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My mother kala had a surgery in your hospital on 8th October 2012. We just want to give you the feedback of the hospitality.
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I am keeping in touch with the hospital for the past 20 years. The service you do to the public is highly appreciable.
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My son Venkatraman is a blind aged 37 years. He is undergoing Dialysis. We are from Hyderabad. We learnt that Hindu Mission Hospital is treating patients for...
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I had been experienced chronic pain over 3 years on both my shoulders, i had tried several remedies before like physiotheraphy,
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